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Welcome to Backstage.aces-web!
Site Maintenance portal for the ACES Web Infrastructure

This is the portal for low-level access to maintain your website.

If you're site employs a CMS (like Drupal or Wordpress), then you can log into your site directly and access the web-based administration "dashboard" there. However, access for Low-level management of your site is done via SSH/SFTP protocol. (SSH for a command-line shell/environment, SFTP for interactive file access/management within your site-storage area(s).)

Note: Insecure protocols like telnet and FTP are not available for use with the ACES Web Infrastructure.

Below are a list of reference documents covering the specifics of connecting to your websites and editing site pages on the ITCS web server:

Having trouble?

If you are experiencing difficulties using the system, you may be able to find a solution already online at our Technical Support site:

Alternatively, you can report your problem and request assistance in one of the following methods:

Need Web Hosting?

A basic overview of the hosting services we offer is available here.)

If you are interested in hosting for a new or existing web site, please contact us using the following email link: We will get back to you on your inquiry as soon as we can.

Cost-recovery information and 'package' descriptions are available in our Service-Level Description (SLD) document. (PDF)

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